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HUMA 1110 Lecture Notes - Potiphar And His Wife, Documentary Hypothesis, Priestly Source

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HUMA 1110
Stephen Ford

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Genesis 37 50
1.Historical background of Torah
Torah or Pentateuch (means five books)
The general concensus is that Moses wrote all five books between the
16th and 15th century BCE
Joshua (15th 14th century BCE)
Two different views on the creation of the torah; Traditional, and
Documentary Hypothesisthese views are at odds with who the
authors of the Torah are and when it was last edited.
Documentary Hypothesis: the Torah is comprised of 4 main sources; it
was last edited in the 6th Century.
4 Sources are:
J’ source (God is referred to as Yahvist or Jahwist)
E’ source (God is referred to as Elohist)
P source (Priestly source)
‘D source (Deuteronomist)
Doublets also exist (several versions of the same story)
2. Characters and Summary of Genesis 37-50
Story of Joseph:
Joseph main character, favourite son of Jacob, and Rachel
Jacob/Israel Josephs Father
Rachel Josephs mother, Jacobs favourite wife
Josephs 11 brothers:
Reuben tries to save Joseph
Judah was his idea to sell Joseph into slavery
Simeon is held captive in Egypt by Joseph
Benjamin Jacob and Rachels youngest son
Ishmaelites bought Joseph for 20 pieces of silver and took him to Egypt
Potiphar courtier of the Pharaoh, buys Joseph from the Ishmaelites
Chief Jailer in charge of the Pharaohs jail, befriends Joseph
Cupbearer his dreams are interpreted by Joseph in jail, he later tells the
Pharaoh about Josephs skill for interpreting dreams
Baker - his dreams are interpreted by Joseph in jail, he is later executed
Joseph is 17 years old, he lives in the land of Canaan with his immediate family, where he helps to tend
the flocks
Joseph is Jacobs favourite son, for Joseph was born in Jacobs late age to Jacobs favourite wife; Rachel.
Jacob presents Joseph with an ornamented tunic, which makes Josephs older brothers so jealous that they
cannot even speak to him
Joseph tells his brothers of two dreams he has had, which makes his brothers hate him even more
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