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Latin Lecture -> bros menaechmnus and comedy of errors

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HUMA 1115
Matthew Clark

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general interest vs specialties.
diderot - socrates ==> no one side has to win.
see tutorial for preference
give you're characters a context to the story.
occurances best to the situation.
manumission - freeing of slaves in official capacity
coin --> eid mar --> brutus / casius ==> ref. to freedman's cap --> that they have freed rome from slaver
--> Julius Caesar
Freedman's Cap ==> represents a slave becoming a freed slave.
p 162 ==>
ironic comedy
little brush --> penniculus ==> vacuum cleaner. ==> parasite
Parasite --> an organism that feeds of another organism
pp.91 "seems to be his fate"
no need to chain up run away slaves just give them free food.
latch onto rich people and milk them dry ==> Golddigger
patronage --> patron /client relationship --> heirarchy
Patrons need to be there for the clients ==> peniculus find a patron feed off of
client = free men who are lower class.
pp.163 "thanks very much..." slave dependant on master
Fides = faith, loyalty
Res = money, possesions
amphitryo ==> brothers menachmus m
Roman identity confined to the italian peninsula
Amphitryo --> Thebes, Greece
Bros. Menachmus --> Epidamnus (modern day albania) across the sea from italy.
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