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Lecture 7

HUMA 1625 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Chage And Aska, Moodle, Federally Administered Tribal Areas

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HUMA 1625
Sherry J.F.Rowley

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Week 7 - Fantasy and Topographies of Imagination
Alternative Fantasies or Counter Fantasies (Doiate fatasy is’t akig sese)
Values/beliefs distinctly different from, conflict with, the dominant fantasy
The doiate fatas o loge adeuatel eplais a peso’s epeiee
Concern the dominate fantasy contradicts experiences of others
Realization that the dominate fantasy has persuaded us to make meaning of our
experiences in ways that are not in our best interests may actually obscure our best
Characteristics of Propaganda (Hitler)
Addressed to the most limited intelligence of the masses (focus of the masses, not
Intelligentsia needs scientific instruction
Masses were the main focus so the intelligentsia were often the first to be killed or sent
to a oetatio goup, it did’t ea Hitle issued siee, he oetated o the
masses but went about seeking supporters and member from the intelligentsia.
Intelligentsia were recruited as supporters and members according to his model of
propaganda for it to be effected the way he wanted it to must be directed toward the
masses and in his view it way through the spoken word
Language and Imagines to put forward his doctrines
people with passio i thei speeh’s will ig passio to the asses people of this
source must combine will and power
combination of will and power become a strong element behind the spoken word,
they must together serve to draw attention to certain facts, processes, and necessities
To convince the masses about the importance of these facts, processes and necessities
Must stick to 3 main points, they must be simple, short, repetitive
Purpose of this class we can think of propaganda
Moment of Terror (destroy and opponents and
Dominate Fantasy of gender at the time
Women vs Masses (Stereotypes about women and what their about)
Manipulation of the masses is like terrorizing a woman
Masses provide leadership that dominates them in the same way women prefer men
who dominate them (connection/reflection of the contemporary gender role ideas at
the time
Provide mass meetings, those of which strengthen the conviction of those who attend
and empower the masses when they see they are part of something bigger
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