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Sherry J.F.Rowley

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Soujner truth
- she was named numerous times by her owners that she got sold onto and onto
Until she finally got to name herself
-she was one of the first freedom writers that we know of....
- who benefits?
--- she was an outsider not a human she was a female and black
It benefits people that fall into
-Coloured people. We're considered animals not human
Black women didn't fall into the category women at all so they weren't even considered female nor
- with her extensive knowledge of the bible she knew how to reference is
She also knew alot about politics
- she would tailor her speeches in a way to address what everyone had told her about their
political views and problems
- someone tried to attack her position saying she was against the constitution
- lawyer said in speech that blacks were used for slavery only
- then there was a storm and he said that its because he wants black people to remain slaves
- truth said this was wrong
- someone said truth was a man because she had a deep voice and he said she were to show them
her breast ... And she did it in front of everyone and said is their shame not hers because they will
feel stupid.
- truth changes perspective in dominant cultures Nd fantasies around race and gender
-Though she's always been a hero for black women she's become a leader from the feminist group
and other communities
-mythologizing process: they would put a picture of her but the group would not reflect what tout
fought for at all
- sometimes groups controlled and oppressed by dominant fantasies of the west
While some outsiders and outlaws provi powerful alternatives , some outsiders that are assigned
as the role of hero can become problematic
- some outla raise interesting questions some actually disobey laws and just want justice on others
through acting on heroic things
- ex, some outlaw women... They were mythologized in their own communities and represented
other people's problems
But not sure if we would make them heros
- some of the women resisted dominant fantasies but this led to paying a price ( their children,
families, etc)
- intro to: horror for next few weeks
Comic and graphic novels- is still typically understood to not be good art or not worthy of our
consideration because they are " cartoony"
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