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HUMA 1780
Elicia Clements

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Procedure for Submitting Assignments On-line
There is an ONLINE procedure for students to submit assignments to the eServices Office.
Students are to submit their assignments to the Assignment Upload Web site. Please refer to
the steps below.
How do I submit assignments?
Step 1: Go to:
The recommended browser to access this site is Internet Explorer 6.0
Step 2: Login to the system with your York U e-mail account user id and your student
number as your password.
Your user id is the first part of your York Student E-mail account.
UDER ID (e.g. joes
STUDENT NUMBER: 909200900 (with no spaces)
Step 3: Choose your course from the list of your enrolled distance courses
Step 4: Upload your assignment (attach file) and fill out the required Course Assignment
Cover Form
Students can upload by simply attaching their assignment files from the detailed
instructions on the Web site. If you wish to resubmit before the assignment
deadline we will print your most recent submission.
Step 5: Submit and keep a print out copy of your confirmation of submission
Some final suggestions:
On every page of your assignment you should note your name, student # and page #.
Your assignment should be submitted by the due date otherwise it will be marked late.
Always keep a back up copy of your assignment file.
Experiencing difficulties when submitting your assignment online?
If you are experiencing any technical difficulties on your end, please read “problems with
uploading” noted below. If you cannot resolve your problem please call the eServices Office at
416- 736-5831 immediately. If you experience difficulties outside of regular business hours than
you may e-mail your assignment to the eSO at: or fax it to 416. 736-5637 and
include a note as to why you could not submit your assignment via the online Web site.
Remember to include your name, student number, course ID and assignment number in your e-
mail. Your e-mail will be your cover sheet which includes the date and time you sent the e-mail.
Please make sure you submit your assignment ON TIME, otherwise you will have marks
deducted for lateness.
Macintosh Computers are not supported. Students have to use a Windows ’98 or a better
Operating System.
Students cannot use Netscape/Mozilla Firefox or any other web browsers. Use Internet Explorer
6.0 or better (Recommended Version – Internet Explorer 7.0)

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

There should be no spaces in the filename of the assignment. To rename file, open assignment
in program used to create assignment e.g. Microsoft Word and then click on ‘Save As’ – put in a
new name without spaces. You cannot rename/remove space when attaching the file in the
upload web site. Ensure that your file name is not more than 16 characters long. Save the file to
your desktop. Sign in to Assignment Upload in Internet Explorer and proceed to submit your
User Id – Only the first part of York U e-mail.
Do not attach path when attaching file.
Larger files will take longer to attach.
Attachments should be in Word or Excel.
Students cannot submit a Zip File – should re-submit with multiple attachments.
Remove pop up blockers
What happens after you submit your assignment?
The eServices Office will print hard copies off all submissions and place them in the course
mailbox at eSO for your instructor to pick up. Once the assignments are graded and returned to
eSO by the instructor, the assignments are then scanned and e-mailed back to students via their
York U e-mail accounts.
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