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HUMA 1825 Lecture Notes - 6 Years, Caluire-Et-Cuire, Natural Justice

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HUMA 1825
Neil Braganza

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HUMA 1825 Note 22
Hotel Terminus
- This was a biographical investigation of Klaus Barbie who was in charge of
the Gestapo in Lyons, France
o His interrogations took place at Hotel Terminus, a hotel that the
Gestapo had requisitioned
- After the end of WWII, Barbie managed to elude capture, fleeing first to
Germany, and then to South America, where he helped the right-wing
governments of Bolivia and Peru.
- Barbie was born in Germany in 1914 and was a Nazi from the age of 19.
- He was posted in Lyons, France in 1942 with a mission of ridding the city of
its Jews and dismantling the Resistance
Klaus Barbie
- He was a war criminal: found the resistance leader of the French Revolution
- Killed many Jewish children
- He was narrow-minded and worshipped Hitler.
- Barbie was a brutal man a man who got results through ruthless means
o He was sure that he was the greatest intelligence officer
o He was never guilty of the acts he committed in his mind all of his
atrocities were justified.
- Barbie was an educated man he was greatly interested in his education
even in the childhood.
- In Udler, Klaus was seen as a decent farm-boy
o He was considered to be a leader in all of the subjects and he was
good at all subjects.
- Barbie was not the type that needed to engage in torture, he was a skillful
and professional, and didn’t need to be cruel (or so people thought)
o There are cases where it shows how he simply liked to inflict pain
onto people he got pleasure from their beatings.
- Some people speculated that he became cruel after he achieved position in
the Nazi Regime.
o The risk of turning criminal was high while working in the Gestapo
- Barbie and the German police arrested the revolutionary leaders in 1943
the French feared Barbie as a ruthless man.
o Barbie would beat men during questioning
- The French also engaged in terrorist-like activity: they threatened
prosecutors with death threats if they didn’t release those revolutionaries
charged with participating in the revolution or grant them bail.
- Jean Moulin was ambushed at a meeting house (Caluire meeting) with a
bunch of other revolutionaries when they arrived at the house there was a
squad of Gestapo police who arrested them on the spot with machine guns
- René Hardy (a revolutionary) was interrogated by Barbie
o Hardy was jailed for 6 years for not providing Barbie with
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