HUMA 1825 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Clytemnestra, Aegisthus, Peitho

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16 Feb 2016
The Furies:
Plot Overview:
Orestes ees his country, argos, after killing his mother
(Clytaemnestra) and her lover (aegisthus) and he goes to Delphi
In delphi, he seeks protection from Apollo because the avenging furies
are tormenting him because they are mad that he had killed his
Orestes doesn’t see anything wrong with this murder because his
reasoning was that his mother had murdered his fatherafter the war.
Apollo puts the furies to sleep and puts orestes on a mission to go to
Athens where he will meet Athena, who will o#er him better assistance.
He sends hermes along, to astsure them that orestes will be safe.
After oriesties leaves, clytaemnetra’s ghosts appears asking for
revenge on orestes.
Athena: “ greek goddess of wisdom “
Athena then listens to orestes on top of the acropolis hill in Athens
Athena then declares a courtroom there to decide if orestes shall be
convicted or not and he was judged by 12 athenian male citizens
whom she shall choose from among the general populance.
In the courtroom, the furies case was that orestes murdered a blood
relative. Orestes said he must avenge his father.
Apollo compared parents to a fertile +eld, a man plants his seed so that
the child can grow, therefore his mother is not a true blood relative.
Athena was an example, she was born out of zeus without a mother.
The vote was evenly divide 6-6 and the goddess breaks the tie by
favouring orestes.
Furies are still enraged that they lost, they threatened to bring sickness
into Athens but Athena o#ers to share the job of ruling the city which
they took the o#er and it calmed them down. They are not the
protectors of Athens and now called the benevolent ones.
Virtous court is established on the hill
sister of Orestes, daughter of Clytaemnetra’s
oLoyal and pure of heart.
oReinforces greek ideals
oTypical older day girl that follows the rules
oShe listens to the only legitimate male +gure in her life, Orestes
represents the common interests of society. In this play, it was
a group of women.
Greek god of light, civilization & learning.
greek god of messages, transitions, travelers and hidden
meanings. \
ancient spirits of vegence. Torment ppl who fuck with their laws.
They make sure no blood crime goes unpunished.
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