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Lecture 7

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Loredana Kun

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Book of Daniel
What is the vision in
10:5-6- what is the vision
-saw an angel who probably was Gabriel, who was the angel who appeared in
front of mary to tell her that she is carrying baby Jesus
10:10- 14- who will interpret it for Daniel (See 9:21),
11:21- who is the contemptible person
11:31- what event is being referred to?
11:33-35- what is happening?
12:2- what is significant about this passage?
Apocalyptic Literature
-with this genre everything is heightened
-the journey to the heavens is more extravagant
-the visions are intense
-the final battle between good and eveil is on a much grander scale and given
greater urgency
-the texts are full of terrible destruction during the final battle and there is a plea
to watch for signs of this event
Daniel, the person or character
-he is extolled for his upright character
-he is presented as a model for the persecuted community
-ironically, Daniel is trained ine very kind of wisdom and taught the language and
literature of the Chaldeans and granted the divine gift of interpreting every kind of vision
and dream (mantic arts of divination)
-Ezekiel reference is probably not the same Daniel
-more correctly Danel
-likely the Danel from the Ugaritic epic materials
-not how Noah and Job were also NOT jews
-the unknown author may have drawn inspiration from Ugaritic and Poenician sources
that speak of a legendary figure (Danel) notable for his righteousness and wisdom
The Book:
-scholars date Daniel to the first half of the 2nd century BCE and relate the visions to the
persectution of the Jews under Antiochus IV Epiphanes (175- 163 BCE)
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