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HUMA 1970 Lecture Notes - Antithesis

Course Code
HUMA 1970
Steve Gennaro

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January 4, 2010
Worlds of Childhood
Psychology of Oppression
└> what is oppression?
└> how does it work?
└> how does it continue to maintain itself?
in order for oppressed people to liberate themselves, they first must have access to the idea
that liberation is possible.
5 entry points into pedagogy:
1 - page 1 (introduces how he read the text - "inner strength...")
└>"culturally schizophrenic"
> all oppressed people experience this (present yet not visible and vice versa)
2 - page 12 (dangers of reading this text)
└> danger in seeking out freedom
└> people jailed for reading this book
3 - page 14 (can't reduce everything to class)
└> cant properly dissect any of the other variable without understanding the
significance of class social equality
└> need to ask how money affects this ideas of the ruling class become
dominant ideas of that epoch
4 - page 15 (never has there been a more valuable text written...)
└> why do we culturally silence particular texts?
└> challenging, critical, engaging, etc.
5 - page 19 (if students are not able to transform their lived experiences into knowledge... they
will never be able to participate rigorously in the challenge of learning and knowing)
└> need to find your own entry point into this text!
└> at some point, EVERYONE has been oppressed in one way or another
** Not Fixed Static Identities** binaries: one needs to exist for the other to exist
OPPRESSION: When one person or individual prevents another person or individual from
becoming more fully human
└> done through domination physically, emotionally, ideologically, etc.
└> dehumanization; turning them into objects
PRAXIS: action + theory + reflection missing one of these items leads to empty acts
PERSCRIPTION: when a group forces ideologies and life choices on another group
└> must either succumb to it or fight back (if you fight back you will be an outcast)
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