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Lecture 20

HUMA 2680 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Smallpox, Deborah Ellis

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HUMA 2680
April Sharkey

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Early Times: Children’s Literature
AP/HUMA 2680
March 13th 2014
Looks Like Daylight
oWritten by Deborah Ellis.
oStraight forward work of non-fiction.
oWe have looked at children’s literature so far but haven’t heard children speak; this
text gives a chance to do that.
oFirst article about Ellis talks about the universal child whereas the second one talks
about child testimony.
oThis text is based on child testimony.
oEvery writer has an agenda and a writer creates representations through their
books. This book shows the condition of aboriginals in a much more optimistic
way than it actually is.
oAlong with focusing on what the book tells us, we should also think about what it
does not tell us.
oWe don’t actually know the actual conversations that Ellis had with the kids, they
have been edited into stories that we read, there have been parts that might have
been edited out, and so the actual conversation is not there.
oEllis through this book is trying to connect young people in North America to the
young people in this book by showing that they have more similarities than
differences. This is why she tries to find common grounds (what school, favorite
subject, etc) between the reader and the children in the book.
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