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HUMA 1100
Sarah Blake

Athens a military strength Mostly navy for their main shape of warfare Rise of Athens after the persian war/Athenian Democracy • Athens and Sparta the 2 most powerful polis • Geographical location • • ruled by mountain chains • harbour: able to develop strong navel force • akropolis: settlement on a hill • silver mines: easy access, slaves worked mines, a lot of economical value of the mines • Athen: Sources of Strength • • 1) historical and military factors • no major collapse • continuous habitation in the dark age, mostly stayed in Athens • success against persians: Athenians held back the Persians, Battle of Satlemest • expansion of empire: in response to potential threat, major walls were built, constant access from sea to city • Athenians aligned to swore to fight against the Persians, smaller states payed $ to Athens for protection, leverage the fear of the persians (480, major invasion) (penelopeian war, fight between Athens to Dmoc • 2) Moral Strength • myth of autochthony (made from the earth) • place of refuge • ideals of Dmoc: = under the law, no slavery • citizenship as a way of life: gave purpose • Athenian political development • • 561-511 • Hipparchus and Hippias are tyrants ruling Athens • tyranny replaced oligarchy, tyranny paved the way for Dmoc • urbanization of Athens, citizenship opens up • Spartans ousted the father of the the two names mentioned above • Cleisthenes: began the Democ rule, had people in different tribes, • any male can could be a citizen, and everyone, no matter how rich/poor one is • Greeks had 2 major meeting groups: Boule, Ekklesia • Practice of Ostracism (expelling or shunning someone) Athenian Drama 1. Performed at civic religious festival
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