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Lecture 12

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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Ekphrasis-The visionary description of a visual work of art Book 17 In the opening, Menelaos is standing over Patroklos There are no significant heroes killed in book 17 There is no divine intervention There is struggle and it is because of Patroklos. Menelaos is reluctant to bring back Patroklos’s corpse because Hektor and his troops are fast approaching him 70-139: Apollo, disguised as mentes????, urges Hektor to charge Menelaos 91-93: Menelaos knows he is going to outnumbered and he has to retreat Achilleus’s armor was divinely made, the one Patroklos wore After Menelaos retreats, Hektor steps in and takes off Patroklos’s armor Aias then steps in and covers Patroklos with his shield, Patroklos’s now stripped corpse 142-236: Hektor then puts on the armor and urges on the Trojans to retrieve Patroklos’s corpse 184: contradicts, the line Apollo knocking off Patroklos’s helmet Apollo knocks off the helmet of Patroklos; Euphorbys knocks off his corset, Hektor and then gives the finishing blow Inconsistency in the text where Apollo is the one to strip off Patroklos’s armor, but the text says Hektor does it. Hektor is being incredibly over-confident now that he has dawned the armor of Achilleus; this ultimately leads to his death. 556: there is a back and forth struggle over the corpse Athena steps in the guise of Phoinix and addresses to Menelaos: there are many references in the book to retrieve the corpse of a fallen comrade Menelaos then say’s only if Athena would grant me strength, which she is flattered by and gives it to him Nestor’s son is then sent to Achilleus to tell him how Patroklos has fallen. Interesting to note how Achilleus told Patroklos not to go near the Trojan wall and fight, which is what he did and caused his death. Simile at 723: The struggle between the two sides is being compared to young men trying to get a wild boar Simile at 745-741: Book 18 Son of Nestor
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