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Lecture 13

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York University
HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Book 19 Dawn plays a particular role where there is a scene change, the beginning of a new action Achilleus doesn’t go into battle in this book but he does in the next one but he kills Hektor in book 22 Similes are used to draw out action, which gives the reader anticipation and suspense Achilleus cannot immediately jump into battle because that would be reckless and it’s more suspenseful Achilleus’s mother Thetis returns to Earth with the armor Hephastisos made for Achilleus The theme of this poem is Achilleus’s anger. Thetis in line 9: tells Achilleus to forget about Patroklos??? The devastation that ensues from Achilleus’s anger is ambiguous. Line 12: The armor will protect Achilleus from Hektor Towards the end of book 19, there is a long, great arming scene. This is a literary device used to extend the scene and create suspense. The entire epic takes places roughly 2 weeks. 38-39: Thetis puts Ambrosia and nectar in Patroklos to not let him rot Achilleus refuses to eat due to mourning for Patroklos. The last days of the books happen within the same day. Between Achilleus and Agamemnon, Line 60: Achilleus wishes Artemis killed Briseis, so him and Agamemnon wouldn’t have fought, and Patroklos wouldn’t have ultimately have died. This doesn’t mean Achilleus necessarily forgives Agamemnon. Achilleus know he was responsible in Patroklos’s death. Lines 85-90: Até: madness or delusion Agamemnon is not taking responsibility for his actions, he blames Zeus. Até comes from Zeus. Até is one of Zeus’s daughters. 101-135: Reference of the 12 labours of Herakles’ story. Agamemnon says Zeus himself had been deluded by Hera. Agamemnon offers gifts again, but Achilleus doesn’t necessarily accept right away, but he says he can offer gifts, but the immediate attention should be paid to the warfare. His vengeance for Patroklos is more important to him at this time. The wounded kings enter earlier in the book. 155-161: Prior to Achilleus wanting to rush into war, Odysseus says not to rush into battle until the warriors had food and wine. Odysseus frequently suggests feasts. This doesn’t mean he’s a pig, this is just the way he is. Achilleus says he cannot think of food or wine right now, but after battle, they shall eat. Odysseus and others then go to Agamemnon’s ship to retrieve Achilleus’s gifts. In book 9, it is only 1 day earlier in the fighting. Even though Briseis had been captured from her home city, she grieves for Patroklos’s body when she returns to AChileus’s ship. 315-337: Important Achilleus speech. Refers to the death of his father and refers to his son, Pyrrhus. His son kills Priam. Achilleus kills Hektor. This speech sets things up fo
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