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Lecture 14

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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Book 21 Starts with the counsel of the gods. theomachy-battle of the gods Achilleus chases the Trojans in 2 directions-one towards the city, one to river Xanthos/Skamandros to escape the wrath of Achilleus. A conflict pursues between Achilleus and Skamandros. Hephastisos and Skamandros have a battle (water vs. fire) The Trojans become slaughtered in the river Xanthos, the waters o the river turns red. Achilleus in his anger said he was going to slaughter 12 Trojan children. 26-28: They were sacrifices in memory of Patroklos Son of Priam is killed even after he escapes the river. He pleads for mercy from Achilleus. Achilleus responds by saying no one can escape from death. Achilleus ends up killing him. 128-135: Achilleus is going to ultimately kill Hektor, but also more Trojans 141: Xanthos (the river god) inspires Asteropaios that he can be brave enough to match his fighting skills with Achilleus Asteropaios traces his lineage back to a river god, Achilleus does the same but to Zeus. He is slaughtered at the hands of Achilleus. Many river gods have a play in this book. Axios is also another river god. Skamandros calls for help from Apollo. Apollo then intervenes and then supports the river god. Achilleus feels he should have been killed by Hektor instead of the river that’s going to drown him like a little boy. 291-297: Poseidon then intervenes and reassures Achilleus that it is not his destiny to die in the river. Glory is always bestowed by a god. Poseidon also gives hi counsel by telling him to chase the Trojans into the city, then once he kills Hektor, return back to the ships. Xanthos calls up Simoeis, another river god, who team up to drown Achilleus Hera goes to Hephastisos and tells him to protect Achilleus. The clash between the water and fire is the first major concept of Theomachy. Theomachy-> Titanomachy in Hesiad. By the end of the boo
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