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Lecture 15

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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Book 23-24 Themes: reconciliation There is reconciliation between the Danaans and the Trojans. There is a funeral for Patroklos and funeral games following shortly after. The lightheartedness of the funeral games shows he has undergone a significant change in book 23. Book 24: there is reconciliation between the chains and Trojans again where Priam goes to Achilleus’s hut to ransom back the body of Hektor Book 24 is a mirror image of book 1: book 1 begins with a quarrel with Achilleus & Agamemnon. In book24, there is a meeting between Achilleus’s mortal enemy Priam and Achilleus himself. Book 23 The ghost of Patroklos appears to Achilleus and tells him to bury him as quickly as possible Achilleus notes the phantom like appearance of him. The ghost tells Achilleus in line 80: There have been many illusions to dying an early death at the Skaian gates, in the front of the city of Troy; this takes place after the score of the war. 175: Everything that Achilleus has offered is believed in the Greek world that Patroklos will take these gifts with him in the afterlife. We knew this scene was coming when the 12 Trojans were held captive in book 22 from the sea. Achilleus uttered a lot of gruesome threats towards Hektor, though actually does not does so. Achilleus does indeed conceive to Priam’s wish to give back Hektor’s body in book 24, which shows his anger had relinquished. During the funeral games, this shows the disharmony of the Achians and Achilleus until this point in this book. 276-278: he refers to his immortal horses. The first of the games is a chariot race. He is a bit reluctant to participate in this race because his horses are immortal. In terms of Achilleus giving out prizes, this establishes a more harmonious atmosphere. The second is boxing. The third contest is a wrestling competition, with Aias and Odyssyeus. Fourth is a foot race. Fifth is a. Sixth is a weight throwing contest. Seventh is archery contest. The second prize is whoever hits the string. Meriones wins the double sided axes Eighth is a spear throwing contest. There is a similar scene to this in the Odyssey. Book 24 There is a temporary truce between Priam and Achilleus. The book opens with Achilleus being restless with thoughts of Patroklos. The gods are then shown to have compassion for Hektor (except Hera, Athena, and Poseidon), because he gave many sacrifices for the gods. 23-30: This is the first time the judgement of Paris is explicitly shown in the text. Hera doesn’t agree with Apollo, but suggests showing both Hektor and Achilleus honor. Zeus then proposes iris to go down to Priam and tell him to ransom Hektor’s body back instead of letting Hermes steal the body from Achilleus. Iris finds Thetis. Zeus sends a message to her by telling her to tell Achilleus to allow Priam to ransom back Hektor’s body. Thetis goes to Achilleus and does exactly so; she tells him how he doesn’t have much tie to live since his destiny is coming close since he has killed Hektor. 130: Thetis tells Achilleus to lie in love with a lady. Many scholars find this inappropriate since this isn’t right saying it when he is close to death. One possible significant to this passage is the subtext that Patroklos and Achilleus were homo but now that he is gone, go sleep with someone else.. Another suggestion is the idea of Thetis drawing attention to Briseis, to go sleep with her. Thetis then goes on to tell him how the gods, especially zeus is angry with him of his treatment of Hektor. Achilleus has been fasting since the death of Patroklos, though his body has nectar and ambrosia from the gods, just like Patroklos. Zeus then sends Iris to Priam with a message to go and ransom his son and supplica
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