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Lecture 18

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York University
HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Book 5 *DIAGRAM 1* Odysseus finally makes his appearance 1) constituting the assembly of the gods 1-43 • Athena urges Zeus to free Odysseus • 7-20:Athena explains Odysseus’ position to Zeus • 29: Hermes is sent to help out Odysseus. The destiny of Odysseus is stated here. It is his destiny to receive help from the Phaiakians and return home from thereafter. • Odysseus is very independent; he sometimes refuses the counsel of gods • Kalypso means concealer. In this sense, he will gradually be revealed and will eventually go back to Ithaka. • Hermes goes to Kalypso’s island (Ogygia). • 81: Hermes finds Odysseus crying because he is forced to stay with Kalypso and sleep with her. His interactions with Kalypso are against his will. Odysseus wants to return home and to his wife, though he is powerless to do so. • 87: Kalypso recalls how long it has been since Hermes has visited her • Kalypso mentions the double standards of the gods. This is how the gods hate it when female gods sleep with mortal men, but it is acceptable if male gods sleep with female mortals • She agrees to free Odysseus since Zeus is asking • Odysseus assures Kalypso how she is more beautiful than Penelope, but expresses to her all he wants is to achieve his homecoming and be reunited with Penelope • After 4 days, he complete his raft and is ready to set sail, though Poseidon is
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