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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Book 21 • Penelope says that she will marry the suitor that would be able to shoot an arrow through 12 axe heads. • Numerous scholars have debated how the axe look and where exactly the arrow was to be shot • It could be through the axe handles loop if the axe were place on the ground, or the axe has a deep valley at the top • Odysseus is at this point still disguised as a beggar and is the only person to successfully shoot through all 12 axes • In search of his mares, Iphitos and Odysseus became friends and he gave the bow to Odysseus. Zeus then kills Iphitos soon after • Odysseus did not take this bow to troy, but he left it at home as a reminder of his friend Iphitos. • It is debated whether Odysseus violated the rules of hospitality by killing his suitors • We can associate this bow with the killing of guests. • In terms of Penelope’s proposal, on page 311, line 68-79: her proposal to the suitors • Telemachos then takes the 12 axes and sets them up. He is the first to take the bow and tries 3 times to shoot through them. The fourth time he is almost successful, but Odysseus gives him to put the bow down. • Leodes was the first to attempt it, but he failed, all of them eventually failed.After one of the suitors says not for Odysseus to try since he is a beggar, Penelope tells the suitors to indeed allow the beggar to shoot • Line 205: Odysseus knows the he has at least 2 loyal people in his house, his cow herd and swine herd Eumaois and Phoikos. • Telemachos sends his mother to her room knowing the slaughter is going to happen • Eumaois brings the bow to Odysseus, and Odysseus effortlessly strings the bow • While he is in the process of stringing the bow, he is impaired to sing in his heart • After he shoots through the 12 axes, he signals to Telemachos that the laughter is about to begin • 424-430: Odysseus signals to Telemachos the laughter is about to begin • Pay particular reference to doorsills, thresholds, etc. • This was the last meal for the suitors Book 22 • Odysseus stands at the doorsill blocking the exit • Odysseus shoots the arrow through Antinoos and he is the first to die • Page 321, line 1-7: further reference to glory, hoping Apollo will grant him this in the slaughter of the suitors • There is a theme of ruined meals throughout the Odyssey. Shown when Antinoos knocks down the food from the table. • In Book 20, one of the suitors throws a cow spiff at Odysseus, this is another theme of ruined meals • Another one was when the sailors violated the rule of eating Helios’ cattle. • This theme of ruined meals acts as foreshadowing of the suitors ultimate death. • After Antinoos is struck down, the suitors scramble for arm but Telemachos has hidden them away in the ch
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