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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Liberation Bearers • Orestes has returned to Argos • In Agamemnon 1564: The doer must suffer • 315: The doer must suffer • The second part of the play shows how he enters the palace and carries out his task • The Furies are underworld chthonic deities who are responsible for avenging murders of members of one’s own family. • One of the key ambiguous passages on page 59 • The Furies would have pursued Orestes whether or not he pursued Clytemnestra • Orestes returns to Argos and he cuts off two locks of his hair and places it on the grave of Agamemnon • Slave women are accompanying Electra to Agamemnon’s grave so Clytemnestra thinks this will stop her fate of dying since she is paying retribution • Orestes sees the libation bearers and watches them in secret with his friend • Line 22-53: the women slaves • Electra asks the women on how to pour out the libation. The salve women tell her to make out kind intentions for anyone who hates Aegisthus. • The chorus furthers instructs her to make out libations for the successful killing of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra. Their ultimate hope is vengeance. • Electra then prays to Hermes to convey her message to the gods to the underworld. • Chthonic deities: they are underworld deities including Demeter, Persephone, hades, etc. • The Furies are the female chthonic deities. • Electra prays that
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