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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

• The role of the furies is to punish those with blood guilt. They represent the old moral order. • Some scholars pointed out how Aeschylus never named the third play Eumenides. • Furies are transformed into Eumenides and they are worshipped in Athens • Orestes remained peacefully in Argos until old age. • First homicide trial was Orestes case. • Aeschylus replaced the tribunal of the Olympian gods with the tribunal of the Olympian citizens. • The Furies act to avenge or correct the infringement of the proper order. • In Theogony, the Furies are born from Kronos’ blood after his castration. • In Aeschylus line 416, the Furies are the daughters of Night. • The Furies are older than the Olympian gods. • The Furies are known as Eumenides. • There is a conflict between Eumenides and Apollo. • The behaviour of Athena and the jurors at Orestes trial provides a model for all that will sit on juries. • The play has a moral and legal function. • At the end of the LB, only Orestes can see the Furies. • The first 2 plays takes place in Argos, the third one takes place in the Temple of Apollo and Delphi. Eumenides • In the third play, they then go to the temple of Athena. • Aristotle focuses on the unity of action. The 3 unities is related to Aristotle. There is a rapid scene change from on
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