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Donald A Burke

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Book 4 • Bacchus is Dionysus • There is a transition from book 3 and book 4 in regards to the transition of Dionysus • The Daughters of Minyas (1): One of the daughters refuses to worship Bacchus. They deny that he is Jove’ son. The other Bacchans are engaged in revelry • The daughters of Minyas are detained by Minerva • The daughters decide to tell stories to pass the time • The first tale was about the mulberry trees and how they turned dark red with the blood. • Perseus (1): emerges as a hero for defeating the sea monster • He takes on the role of story teller close to the end and talks about Medusa • The myth consists of the idea of staring at a Gorgon and turning into stone • Two people like Romeo and Juliet were separated by a wall, their fathers refused of this relationship. • They decided to meet at night near the mulberry tree, which is snow white • The girl sees a lioness, and retreats into a cave, losing her cloak as she retreats • The lioness takes this cloak and smears the cattle’s blood that’s on her fur • The guy believes the girl has been mulled by a wild animal and blames himself since he was not there first • Out of guilt and blame, he thrusts his swords into his side • The fruit of the mulberry tree is splashed by his blood and therefore turns red • The girl returns from the cave and sees he’s dead; he takes the very sword and kills herself. • Before she died, she wished for the trees to forever be red in a remembrance of their love • The second story about Mars and Venus is told in book 8 in the Odyssey. But it Is told in less detail here. • The names are interchanged with Ares and Aphrodite. Hephaistos is Vulcan. • Helios is the sun god. What ensues in this secret affair in Metamorphosis is that Helios snakes on them to Vulcan and Vulcan makes an intricate net and captures them in bed. • The other male gods joke and say if only they can be shamed like that, meaning they would love to be caught in bed with Venus • Third myth: to get revenge on the sun god, Venus transforms someont into a plant • The myth of Hermaphroditus: an aetiological myth. Hermes and Venus’ son is this guy • Mercury (Hermes) and Venus sees their features in their son, and a nymph wants to pursue this guy. • The nymph embr
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