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Donald A Burke

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Book 10 • Lovers who are responsible for the deaths of their lovers • Incest between daughters and fathers • Transformations of humans into sculptures and tress • The characters opius has a central role in Book 10 • It is difficult to distinguish the voice of Ovid and Orpheus • Orpheus and his attempt to retrieve his wife from the underworld • Orpheus is consider to be one of the biggest authors along with Hesiad and homer • Orpheus calls hymen, and Eurydice is struck by a snake and perishes • Orpheus is understandably distraught and descends to the underworld • Orpheus sings and plays the lyre. He sings a heartfelt song to Persephone and Hades (Pluto) • Orpheus moves the goddess to pity for his wife • He is willing to sacrifice his life in order to spend his life with his beloved • This moves the gods to bring his wife back to the upper world • Guy is no longer pushing rock, the furies are crying. This is because Orpheus has made them this sad • Persephone attaches a condition to the allowance of • Page 384: Orpheus leading his wife by her hand to the upper world, but he cannot look at his wife. • Tragic episode of wife dying for the second time, but she is not upset with her husband. • The ferryman pushes Orpheus away to cross the river the second time • This tale says this has nothing to do with the love of women, it introduces the idea of male homosexuality • Cyperesis: Orpheus sings a series of songs. One of them is about trees • Line 86-105. This is a humorous event. • This is in the voice of the poet “picture a hill…” • There is a transformation of cyperesis transforming into a tree. • The play opens and ends with a transformation • Cyperesis line 130: accidently kills his beloved stag and asks Apollo to grieve forever • He is then transformed into the Cyprus tree and this is traditionally the tree of death and funerals • Orpheus next song, the previous song sets up this song. He first explains the setting • The first tale is very short and involves the transformation of Jupiter into an eagle • Jupiter takes the form of an eagle to kidnap the Trojan girl • The next tale involves Apollo. Happens in Sparta. The theme of homosexuality applies to gods here as well. • Apollo and Hysynthis stripped and put oil on their body to throws dscuses • Apollo trhows it first, the next guy goes over to retrieve it, but it hits off of the gorund and kills him •
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