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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Slide 2 • Trojan Prince Slide 3 • The destiny of Aeneas escaped Troy and went to Italy. He was destined to find Rome • Following the death of Aeneas, there were kings that founded Rome Slide 4 • Given 2 different names in the Metamorphoses Slide 5 • You can see Aeneas holding his father and his father is holding a sculpture of a god Slide 7 • In book 14, there is a brief illusion to the tragedy of Dido • A contemporary painting, artists from antiquity, base painters, and painters from the renaissance go back to Ovid’s metamorphoses for inspiration for art • Aeneas has a brief love affair with dido who is a princess • Juno comes along and reminds him of his destiny to find Italy and see civilization • Because of this, he has to break of his affair with this princess Slide 8 • The last scene in book 13 Glaucus and Scylla Book 13 • After the brief introduction of Aeneus we learn of his other adventures • Bacchus gave the ability to turn things into corn or olive to Aeneas’ sisters • In contrast to Midas, they touch turns things to food, whereas Midas wasn’t able to eat because of his gift • Aeneus daughters are taken by force to provide the Greek fleet with food and olive oil • Two of the daughters escape • The brother turns the two sisters over to the Greeks and the sisters pray to Bacchus, he turns them into snow white doves • In some cases metamorphoses is a sign of punishment, in this case it’s a sign of rescue • The father used the transformation of his daughters negatively • The next brief tale is the daughters of ___ • Aeneus and his company in the following morning looks for his mother in kindred shores • Why kindred shores? Because in Latium, the Trojans ancestors are from here. This is a return home to find origins • In this story of daughters of Arion, the generations of the Trojan heroes, Aeneus himself receives a mixing bowl with an image of 7 gates of thieves. In the middle of the thieves, the daughters of Arion are s
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