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HUMA 1110
Stephen Ford

Enuma Elish is enthronement psalm (the spring New Year Festival four day festival in Babylon)- the creation of Earth and humans/man. Tiamet who is slain becomes Earth from her body. Epic of Creation is to be recited (or possibly enacted) on the fourth day…This took place in the capital city in the month of Nisan (April), and the king had his mandate to rule renewed by the gods; to the ceremony came governors…top officials, and army officers to renew their oaths of loyalty to the kind and royal family, just as the gods swore an oath to Marduk (or Assur), when he had been elected king. All of these subjects would have listened to the epic, and its recital would have impressed upon them how an orderly universe and its kingship should be organized….’ The temple is an artificial mountain because topography of lower Mesopotamia, including Babylon, is flat. Myths can be connected with ritual as seen with this hymn The control of water required a bureaucracy, a department of government. The myth of Marduk is a socio-political myth legitimating the government of Babylon, of which Marduk is the patron. Ancient worldview of Gods: from sky, earth, and underworld Baal Parallel with Enuma Elish: enthronement hymn or psalm - fertility story as to whom becomes top god - most important deity in Ugaritic religion - Baal’s rise to kingship over the gods by his defeat of the forces of destruction, Sea and Death (compared to Marduk defeating Tiamet) - hero - weather god: essential rain for agriculture and drink. In Bible- God of Israel who is also a weather God (example of how myths have same chracteristics) - like Greek Zeus - goal looks out for the wellbeing of humans (like Marduk) so Baal god of life - Baal is claiming, ‘You shall have no other gods.’ (which is what God states in the bible) Both are supposed to be Supreme Gods. However, Baal excepts Death’s invitation and dies, but Death has to restore Baal as commanded by the Sun goddess. Still, El is more of the Supreme God of Ugarit - agricultural deity, a fertility deity - Ugarit (North West of the East Coast of the Mediterranean) - the failure of the winter rains is an agricultural disaster (so every time this occurs, Death is battling with Baal) ‘the malleability (easily influenced-therefore many myths) of myth.’ Within a single culture, or even a single author, there may be more than one version of a myth: keep this in mind for the first essay. Why do we have the milky way? When Hera was nursing baby Herakles milk spewed from her breast and into the sky. Hence, the milky way
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