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Stephen Ford

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Essay 2 and Prophets Essay 2 What is the tragedy of Oedipus in Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus? What is tragedy? What is prophecy? Tiresias is the prophet who knows all about Oedipus’s past, future, and present. So doe Oedipus really have freedom to live life the way he wants? Slide 4: prophets also bring up oracles from the under world TYPES OF PROPHETS 1. Ecstatic: the prophet is placed in a different set of mind. Transform mindset. Brings them closer to God. 2. Visionary: Prophets see things. God shows prophet visions 3. School: “band” (group) of prophets 4. Dead: more powerful when dead, can consult ghosts, and be revived of life like when dead man falls on Elisha’s (prophet) bones 5. Court: manage the succession of courtly rule (who will be next king) 6. Animal: God sometimes communicates to animals. God can open animal’s mouth and eyes 7. Oracular: Brings a message from
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