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Humanities Lectre 3 Includes info about Descartes theories

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HUMA 1160
Stanley Tweyman

Humanities lecture 3Sept 27th 2010Anything that the senses reveal to you is always modalityand the modality is always actuality An empiracle claim is always subject to change these truths are only temporal Decartes concludes that geometry and atirhmetic cannot be in the world but rather in the mind we were born with the knowledge of math we did not learn it cannot be empiracle objects because the modality of these objects is different These are called Aprioi does not require any experience to know these the mind has INATE objects that god has given usDecartes wants to adapt all learning to mathematics In order for this to work it must be the case that the objects that Decartes wants to study must also be inateA necessary connectionthink of a shape but think of this shape not existing in the world it doesnt work because it does exist pg 211 course kit highlightedsylogism studied by aristotle people believed that everything they needed to know was found in aristotles bookdecartes believed that it was corrupting peoplebecause in a sylogism the conclusion contains no new knowledge decartes says that we should learn discovery the teaching of the reguli mathematics study inate ideas already in the mind and are seeking necessary connections What the reguli will teach you is how to discover the necessary connections that have existedThroughout the reguli an
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