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HUMA 1160
Stanley Tweyman

 Scientific revolution of the 17 -18 thcenturies  religion is very similar  science is actually seeking knowledge of things you cannot perceive like gravity energy, electricity Religion Science  Can’t perceive God  Objects that you cannot perceive  -Dialogues: God-Creator  In the case of the world we cannot tel if it was created or not created, there is no reliance on religious text  Although we cannot decide whether the world was created or not, there is ample evidence that it was designed and if it was designed, there must be a designer  Cleantes-discuss god as a designer rather than a creator to gain knowledge of god intelligence; plan, organize, how to bring something about, purposive (has a purpose)  Natural Religion: what is it based on?  Answer: the belief that arose is that whenever somebody designed something, the mark of the workman is always imprinted on its work  the character of the designer is present in the product, we can earn about the designed by looking at by what he/she designs  If we believe if god designed the world, then it should be possible by examining the design of the world to learn the character of God  God’s intelligence, it is important because intelligence Is the basis of human prayer. So when people pray to god, they pray with the understanding that god can make sense of what you are saying  You will find it to be nothing…(pg 38-39)  Argument which compares the design of the world to the design of machines ex automobile, fountain pen  Whenever an argument compares things, the comparison itself it said to be drawing an analogy-analogy between design of world and design of machineArgument by Analogy this argument (chap 8- 12)  Look at the design of the world in a different way once would be to gods intelligence  In the world itself there is good vs evil (natural)  Good and evil that comes out of the world (tornadoes=evil; sunshine=good)  Given that the world produces natural world and good, and though god is  the designer of the world it is possible to assume to that god is good?  Given that natural evil exists  Dialogues-made up: Who are the characters in the conversation? Pamfullus-student ; Cleanthes-teacher pg 96 (last paragraph) Cleanthes: standard imperasist philosopher Philo:(lover- philosophy-love of wisdom) pyrrhonist-exaggerated doubt  Difference between pyrronism vs hyperbolic :  Descartes-attacks the senses, my senses aren’t reliable, hyperbolic doubt attacks before the argument is put forward  Humes -Attacks after argument shave been put forward  What we can expect from Philo is an animated attack the position taken by Cleanthes Demea: rigid, inflexible, religious guy, falls into category: Amistic 2 types: 1. Modern 2. Extreme (Demea is Modern) passionate belief in god, nothing can be known about god God is mysterious, unknowable Religious Language: 1. Cleanthes: Independent of whether there is a god or not  Talk about god the way we talk about ourselves  Anthropomorphism  The position of God as having desires, the term “having desires” is used the exact same way or meaning as it were applied to a human  “Jason has desires, whatever meaning it has to Jason, it has to God”.  Desires-used literally  Inimical-there is just one meaning for this term 2. Demea: Extreme Mysticism (nothing can be known therefore nothing can be said about God)  Language cannot be literal  The moderate mistake-the language used for God has to be symbolic and figurative 3. Compromise between the 2 Antony Flue:  Conclusion: the way religious people use religious language we can prove that all claims about god that they use are meaningless  Recommends revising and re-thinking how we talk
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