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HUMA 1160
Stanley Tweyman

September 10 Lecture NotesDescartes had said to not read on enlightenment because it will corrupt youYou will learn nothingBelieved he had been selected by GodWhich is why he becomes out of the blueDissatisfied about learning about the pastWhat bothered themMany evil periods medievalAll those medieval thinkers were exegisingStudied texts exegistsAll that happened was that they were only reading2 sources of textsBibleiRevealed truths which were reached through revelationsGod selected individualsPlato and AristotleiiDiscovered truths found in the BibleEmerged from reasonInventory of things humans need to knowContradicted the Bible and each otherSaw that they were to reconcile the 2 sourcesRevolution was taking place in a new era of scienceNewton Kepler etcPurpose was to proof thingsFeature of this revolution was that the scientists attempted to prove what it was they were concerned withNotion of proof becomes paramountWhat makes proof possibleYou need an accepted method of investigation2 kinds of science which were making incredible stridesMathematicsiDescartes was the original developer of algebraIi Physical sciencesAstronomy medicine physicsThey could prove whatever it was they were talking aboutFirst revelation that Descartes madeFailure of the past was the failure to address the method of proofingThere were only philosophiesThere may be truths in the BibleThose who study both couldnt establish the truthExegetes had no methodsWe have to focus on the topic of methodDescartes asked if we can learn from mathematic
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