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Social, Psychological and Scientific Theories (HUMA 1170)

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HUMA 1170
Tanya Taylor- Cherry

Social, Psychological and Scientific Theory The Origin of Species by means of natural selection - Darwin addressed neither the origin of life nor how humans fit into the history of life on earth. Rather, he proposed the theory of “natural selection,” a process by which species change into new species over eons. Gradual change. - He boldly claimed that, through this process, all life descended from a common ancestor that lived millions of years ago. Darwin’s 3 principles: - Organisms produce offspring with different traits, which can be inherited. - Organisms produce more offspring than can survive because the world has limited resources. - Offspring whose traits are best suited to their environment survive and pass on those variations to their offspring. Correcting misconceptions about evolution - Organisms do not progress from less evolved to more evolved. Humans and insects are equally evolved - Present-day humans are not evolved from present-day apes. Both evolved from a common ancestor now extinct. - Evolution is not random. While variations in inherited traits are random, natural selection is not. Can be an accident of genetics. Enables a certain organism to thrive in an environment. The Evolution of the Theory of Evolution: Erasmus Darwin: belief that one species could gradually transform itself into a new one, a notion often referred to as “transformism” (or “transmutation”). Charles Lyell: believed that the Earth’s geologic history proceeded gradually, without sudden, catastrophic changes. Thomas Malthus: argued that human populations grew faster than the available food supply, leading to a struggle for resources. Plants and animal species tend to live in certain climates. Religious Reaction to Darwin: - Positive and negative reactions. - Darwin was the foundation for many modern scientific - Was made fun of by religious sects. - Becomes a vehicle with which we can question other theories. Darwin Evolves: - “Evolved” Darwin’s final word. Only used once in the book. - Darwin inserted the phrase about the “Creator” in the second edition - “Evolution” was never used by him. - 12 years after the origin of the species, Darwin publishes the descent of man and selection in relation to sex. - Mon
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