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Modern Age Sept. 25th Lecture

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HUMA 1170
John Dwyer

September 25, 2013 Making Progress Religion -for Beccarria religion is irrelevant to the way you create a modern society and his way of thinking -refers to the catholic church as being a good institution, because society was semi barbaric and feudal, and the church provided a stabilizing force -religious ppl that read this book wanted to condemn it, beccaria talks about analytical reason -say: everybody has rights, everybody is equal -old fashioned thinking is dominated by religion = superstitious/irrelevant Enlightenment -create a more proficient society=don't look to tradition, you learn to think for yourself -movement he belonged to = the enlightenment, don't like university=too traditional (regurgitate) -they are the beginning of modernity because.... -want to create a rational society -want religion out of the picture -beccaria says: if you're going to think modern, don't think in terms of tradition (enlightenment think its a faulty way of thinking = not progressive = shows you're caught in the past) -enlightenment attacked “society based on privilege”, went after aristocrats -attack on the legal system because its based on some sort of constitution & document (i.e magna carta) -does not like lawyers: because they refer to old constitution/follow rules -before you can modernize you have to get rid of all the stuff that gets in the way -enlightenment is not completely successful in its agenda of modernizing -but no movement has changed the world faster and more profoundly than enlightenment Analytical Reason -definition of age: invented view of reason, analytical reason, makes the world a more improved place -religion gets in the way of economic progress, beccaria wants a society that is efficient, that progresse
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