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Jon Sufrin

March 27, 2014 1. Coupland 2. The global village 3. “What kind of during set defines you as a person?” 4. Fables 5. Do you know what the meaning is? Words: • generation x • zeitgeist • Americanisation • the global village • nihilism • fable • plan b Generation of 1990’s: Generation X -the time of the baby boomers -sons and daughters of the baby boomers, grew up in an age of wealth and comfort and access to information -however in a self-centred society 1970’-me decade 1980’s-shop until you drop -was left to find their own meanings, and left to find millions of search to find answers -only answer they could find was from celebrity structure, right combination of things to buy, finally be happy X=where the x represents their infinite search for meanings, literally a variable that always changes (infinite search for meaning) ***Zeitgeist-spirit of time: what it was like in to grow up in the 1970’ and 80’, have to be there to really get a hold of it. What is it like to live in a particular history, the music the styles people live. Americanization The export of a specific cultural model worldwide: • ‘uniformity of culture and habits of life’ (Frye 249) • The ability to consume things, that anything can be bought and sold (no limit) • Advertising is used to stimulate desire (esp. sex cells) • Publicity (and branding) is heavily emphasized • The population is kept well-entertained by a powerful entertainment industry. (I.e. Hollywood, Professional Sports, Celebrity Culture) Not Anti-American: we’re being Americanized, to a greater or lesser degree, including Americans themselves (Frye)-given the name of American but doesn’t mean we criticize the Americans only -the ability to buy things is absolutely central -we believe we are being unique as we buy, but we are just acting like everyone else -Individuality: always remember that you are unique, like everybody else -defining one by what they consume, by the buying habits The Global Village 1950’-how do ads work? 1960’-how is electronic media changing our society? (How the society changing because of media influential)- One where national identity no longer matter -we join this society when we consume something, like media watching one thing -electronic media connects us a one big tribe -we get news and products from everywhere all to our home -we consume the same media simultaneously and in real time -we become part of multiple mass markets -the global village is a collective voice representing infinite diversity -Each of us makes our own choices of what to consume and choices become infinite (movies, you-tube)-a lot more sites to watch something >What happens to Canadian Culture? -how will stand out? : We could learn how to market Canadian products so Google, the Canadian pr
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