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The Ming-Qing Transition

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York University
HUMA 1400
Gordon Anderson

September. 26, 2011 The Ming-Qing Transition (last 2 dynasties of China) - Han Chinese people were the people living in the last dynasty - Qing dynasty (1641- 1911) - During the expansion Taiwan and Tibet were now a part of proper China - Tribunal states recognizes China’s emperor as a son of heaven (ex: Burma and Laos) Emperors of the Southern Ming Dynasty • Prince of Fu (Honguang) 1644-45, Nanjing • Prince of Lu (No era name) 1645-53, Hangzhou • Prince of Tang (Shaowu) 1646-47, Fuzhou • Prince of Gui (Yongli) 1646- 62, Guangzhou 1643- young person was put on the throne 1644- defeat forced the last emperor to commit suicide 1627- Congzen emperor  last emperor of the Ming Li Zicheng: Wu Sangui: - became a loyal Qing general - sent to clean up pockets of resistance - was rewarded with territories - wanted to establish his own dynasty  wasn’t powerful enough  Qing eliminated him Yimin • remnant subjects / leftover subjects - lived the modern days of the Ming - saw the establishment of the Qing - Ming loyalists who did not die resisting the Manchu or who did not commit suicide • existential choices: 1. To continue resistance 2. to “retire” from official position and become a farmer, monk or to take care of elderly parents 3. accept and pledge loyalty to do the new regime 4. to move from defiance to resignation and finally accommodation (give in/sell out) • NOTE: erchen- some who came over to the Qing would be condemned (by other Ming loyalists or often by the Qianlong emporer) as serving two masters - of Qian Qianyi (1582- 1664, poet and literatus), the Qianlong emperor in 1769 wrote he “was not worthy of belonging to the human race” - in 1777, the Qianlong emperor announced that a new section Erchen Zuang (Records of Twice-Serving Officials), was to be added to the official Qing history for “disgraced” officials • Literary Themes: - “reunion” (tuanyuan) - dreams (meng) of the past and/or present - issues of reality & illusion/ real and unreal - historical allusions (eg: of the high Tang or the [southern] Song-Yuan dynastic tradition) to the present - communication with the gods, ancestors, former emperors, etc. - journeys of enlightenment (usually failures) Plays of Wu Weiyi 1. Linchun ge (Facing Spring Pavilion) - probably written between 1645-47 - set against transition from Chen (557- 89) and Sui (581- 618) Protagonists: both are women 1) Lady Xian (tribal chieftain in Lingnan) 2) Zhang Lihua (a concubine of the last Chen ruler) Summary: - Act 1: Ordered by the Chen emperor, Lady Xian calls a meeting of regional chiefs, & foreign envoys, etc. to ascertain their loyalty - Act 2: Lady Xian is granted an audience with the emperor in the capital, Nanjing, and receives honorary title of Protector-General of Lingnan. Befriends Zhang Lihua with whom there is an immediate affinity. (aka they become BFFS) - Act 3: Lady Xian & Zhang Lihua visit the Clear Spring Monastery to listen to a sermon by the monk, Zhisheng . Unknown to themselves, they were immortals in former lives and were deities honored at this monastery. Zhisheng attempts to inform them of their former identities and warn them of the immanent fall of the Chen dynasty. Though they fail to grasp his message, they have a premonition about the future and part with a sense of uneasiness. - Act 4: Lady Xian and her troops rest at the foot of Yuewang Terrace (near Guangzhou) on their way to help defend Nanjing. Worrying about Zhang Lihua, Lady Xian ascends the terrace, all the while lamenting the fall of the capital. Zhang Lihua visits her that night in a dream to tell her courtiers have blamed Zhang
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