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HUMA 1400
Gordon Anderson

Lecture 2ConfucianismMan named Kong Fuzi also known as Master Kong551479 BCE A teacher did not write down anything Key Terms Levels of CharacterSpoke of men in society ShengrenSagehighest ideal character he claimed neither to be a sage himself nor to have met oneSharenGood Manclaimed to not have met a good man Terms seems to apply to men in governmentJunziGentleman sincerity integrity Claimed to be the ideal moral character One with a cultivated moral characterpossessor of many virtues a superior personXiaoren Small personpetty person concerned primarily with profit all about meMinthe common people believed that common people should fulfil their duties and obligations accordingly to their needs Eg FarmersVirtues Precepts Renphilosophy of family Humanity Also can be looked as Humankindness and Humankindness Human oriented philosophy humankindness And being kind to others HumankindnessShaped by shu discovering what others wish or do not wish done to them and zhong modern loyalty for Confucious the doing of ones bestZhengmingrectification of namesLiritual decorum etiquette good manners Ritual must be carried out with sincerityXiaofilial piety TiRespect for ones older brothersTianHeaven Dao Taothe way Includes the ethical code and on the other hand includes the pattern of government which is used for wellbeing of human being Mencius Mengzi 372 to 289 BCEThe Mencius MengziFour beginnings four virtues 1 CommiserationRen Humanityto feel something to understand what the other individual is going through 2 ShameDislikeYi 3 Modesty CourtesyLi 4 RightWrongZhiWisdom knowledge Five Human Relationships 1 RulesSubject 2 Father Son 3 HusbandWife 4 Elder Brother Younger Brother 5 Friend Friend The ideal is harmonyDuties need to fulfillThe most important one is Husband and Wife Two types of Rulers 1 Sage king Wang 2 Military Lord Ba Mandate of Heaven TianmingBad rulernatural disaster floods wars etc Good rulerharmony peace etcXunzi end of the Zhou dynastyA high official in the states of Qi and ChuTeacher of Han Feizi and Li Si Legalists SchoolWrote a series of expository essays found in the XunziAttacked belief in magic omens and portents of his timeRational and naturalistic view of the universe and heaven Heaven Does not reward or punish the ruler operates independently of the doings of humansReinterpreted ancient sacrifices and funeral ritesNot intended to propitiate the dead no more than forms to express the grief of the livingWorshipping your ancestors is also considered a ritualReacted against excessive idealization of the pastThe beginning of heaven and earthit is today The ways of the hundred ancient kings are those of the later kings
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