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Lecture 16

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HUMA 1625
Dion Tubrett

16 • Children learn through experience • Dreams will come true if you try, dreams don’t come true because you don’t want something hard enough, that they aren’t trying hard enough • Obstacles are there, no matter how hard we try, some obstacles are still there • It takes us away from understanding the DF of Western culture giving a notion of “I’m a failure” and therefore there are new year’s resolutions • Danger of relying on fairy tales because the message given is not good • Saying how it’s all our fault • Characters in fairy tales are polarized into good and bad to make them easier to comprehend (good or bad) and let the children decide what kind of person they want to be • Children do not read gender when they are reading, but only know how is a protagonist and problems in the world • Girls tend to remember the details more clearly compared to boys • Sometimes it turns out that women becomes conscious about the details of fairy tales • “Happily ever after”  help psychologically but there are issues that can arise • Heteronomative sexual orientation • There is stress that personal happiness must include marriage, and must be heterosexual pair • Romantic love  somehow we need to search for that person that would complete us • We are not good enough, we need to find someone else to fulfill us • Step-mothers rather than mothers may be a way for children to work through their problems with the mother • Implications for females • Stories reflect the patriarchal formula  females are the property of males, begin as property of fathers, then property of husband, then property of their son • She is never autonomous and independent • She is often the prize for the man • Regardless if she’s the main character of not • Even the powerful women still have less power than the men • The powerful women act within the realm of patriarchy • The women are ultimately destroyed • Undesirable women are fed through the mill  destroyed • Their mouths are only used for kissing • The tools that are used to try to kill Snow White by the evil queen are things that destroy beauty • A lot of fainting and pale skin • The things th
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