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Lecture 12

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HUMA 1710
Carol Bigwood

Lecture 12 1/9/2012 4:10:00 PM Test Questions 1. (10 marks) Using your lecture notes, describe the transmission of what we call “Aesop’s fables.” 2.(10 marks) Using examples from your course readings, describe the similarities and differences between a fable and a parable. Greek Periods  Dark Age – 1200-750BCE  Archaic - 750-510BCE: Homer, Hesiod, Sappho, Aesop  Classical - 510-323BCE: rise of Athens to death of Alexander  Hellenistic - 323-146 or 31BCE: (from death of Alexander to death of Cleopatra)  Don’t need to memorize but its just an idea. Transmission of Greek culture Hellenistic period: (334-31BCE)  Alexander the Great (356-323BCE): conquers regions east to border of India: Library at Alexandria: Roman Empire  Creatively imitate Greeks in their own literature; Greek rhetoric essential for Roman education  Aspect of Greek culture (especially philosophy) taken up by Romans (including Jews) and Christianized. Literary Forms  Have studied historical prose; lyric poetry; epic poetry  Some forms die out; other develop (novel) Wisdom literature: Proverbs, Fables, Parables  Proverb: short and clever, some obvious truth, gives guidance for behavior  Parables (throwing alongside): popular invented short stories that give truth about human nature by comparison  Fable: often use of animals who speak and act like human  May be interpreted as allegory but allegories usually more complex, hidden, and have direct relations between symbol and what they stand for. Hesiod’s Practical Wisdom in Works and Days  Says his advice is not from experience but from Muses  Zeus here more like Yahweh than Homer’s Zeus: is just; sees all  Life is hard because “gods keep men’s food concealed”  Perses should work hard, listen to Right (Dike and not promote violence Hesiod’s practical advice  If you are violent, unjust, or lazy, you will su
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