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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 - Second Wave of Globalization (Preglobaliation) – 1850

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HUMA 1770
William Gleberzon

Lecture 13 1 June 20th, 2011 Essay  Name a topic in globalization (animal rights, children slavery)  5 documents – articles in magazine (printed and handed in), book (cited)  1 magazine, 1 internet site, 1 paper newspaper  Dig under the surface; give your views – what you think about it, why? Give evidence! Second Wave of Globalization (Preglobaliation) – 1850  Early era of globalization began around 1850  2 types of revolutions o Political – The French Revolution o Economic – The Industrial Revolution o Now – The Post Industrial World  4 types of revolutions o French Revolution  Introduces the rights of men and citizens  Democracy for males  All male human beings are equal o Industrial Revolution o Social Revolution  Rise of middle class (bourgeoisie – people who live in the urban center) o Cultural Revolution  Led by styles from French Revolution  Styles by women and men in fashion  Long stockings, jackets, trousers, culottes Influence of French Revolution 
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