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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 - *ESSAY REQUIREMENT/OUTLINE* The Globalization Process, The World Is Flat

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York University
HUMA 1770
William Gleberzon

Lecture 16 1 July 4 Essay  5-6 pages maximum  Thesis (a question, point of view, guiding statement, argument) = guides the essay, research  Prove in your essay is to defend an argument  Body (evidence from the 5 articles) o Take different them or deal with it individually o Literary artists o Can use first person Thomas Friedman – “The Globalization Process”  “The World is Flat”  “Hot, Flat, Crowded” The World is Flat (Seminar @ Yale University)  Interview young people of call centers in India (how they imitate Americans and their opinion of them)  The economy playing field is being levelled = the world is flat (as an advancement)  Japanese-speaking Chinese doing management work and book keeping for big corporations in Tokyo  Flattening experience = mcdonald drive-thrus don’t communicate with the people working inside, but connecting to the call centre (flash a picture and write down the order down, sending it back to the restaurant)  1880s-2000 =multinational went global in search for labour  2000-present = globalization 3.0, shrink world from small to tiny o Built around individuals and small groups o Not white western individuals o Individuals of all colour, who will be able to participate in the playing field  1 flattener = Nov 9 , 1989 – Fall of Berlin Wall = see world as a single flat plane o End of Cold War allowed people from other side to be freed up and joint for economic interaction nd th  2 flattener = Aug 9 1995 – Netscape went public (internet browser) o Trigger the boom, over investment of $1 trillion in fibre-optic cable in 10 years o Bring connectivity for people across nations o It could generate lots of money rdo bubble = collapse of Netscape  3 flattener = work flow software o Allow work to flow from one port to another o Ability of machines to talk to other machines o Microsoft word, any software to run businesses/school o Applications linked and became compatible o Allowing people working together  Genesis of moment of the flat work – people work with other people on more stuff than ever before  Created a global platform for multiple forms of collaboration  1 collaboration = out sourcing
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