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Lecture 21 - Middle Age

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HUMA 1770
William Gleberzon

Lecture 21 1 July 20th, 2011 Middle Ages  Silentivm = silence  Underlined = before 1400  Latin was the language of science that time  Arabic in latin form = langua franca (free language) that scientists began to use in the Eastern parts of the world, and some of Western parts of the world  Arabic scholars preserved the ancient Greek and Roman’s literature, not the Westerns  Trading in goods, and knowledge as well  Preserving the knowledge of west in their realms  Kamal = determine ship’s position in relation to a known star  Astrolable = determine heights of mountains/human structure, and longitude and latitude at sea  These devices are invented by Indians, translated by Arabics o Fundamental of exploration of the world o Eastern knowledge, transmitted to the west  China: magnetic compass o Always find magnetic north o 1. Magnetic north o 2. True north o They are 20 degrees apart  India transported the number 0, transmitted it to the West by the Arabs  Renaissance = revolutionary, rebirth of knowledge / ancient Greeks or Romans o Knowledge forgotten came back  Scientific Revolution = intro of scientific method to solve problems o By: Descartes – I think, therefore, I am o Thinking human beings, were homo sapiens (thinking men), distinguishes us from any other animals is because we think Copernicus  Knowledge is based on evidence, not opinion = beginning of scientific method  Had no instruments, based his research on math  Greatly influenced by Arabic scholars who studied
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