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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 – September 26.docx

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HUMA 1770
Leo Stan

Lecture 3Thursday September 26 2013India Geographysouth east asiamountainous north the Himalayashighest chain of mountains on the planetnatural borderfertile river plains Indus and Ganges hillstropical rainforest very hot and humidphysical conditions were already there for a civilization fertile soil protection water ie Indian OceanIndus ValleyHarappan Civilization 30001500 BCE Harappa and MohenjoDaro farming villagescitiesagricultureextensive tradevery successful and producing foodoligarchy ruled by a coalition of rich merchants and lords not a monarchy no king rule of the few who have powerfertility deity they worshipped herart potterysculpturethere were some ecological disaster and nomadic invasions that result in the decline of this civilizationThe Vedic Era 1500500 BCE Aryans southcentral Asia early Sanskrit grammatical structure for Indo European languages very violent societywarrior mentalityimperialisticpatriarchal male centered culture that devalues women to a great extentImperialistic very proud group of peopledeeply religious lethal for the community they invadethey invaded very easily developed military and impose religion on the people they conquerthey bring to India a set of new Gods they imposed on the local populationThe Caste System varnas varna singlrigidly defined social classes social system brutally imposed by local populationthe classes were not porous did not communicate with one another Four castes
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