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York University
HUMA 1780
Sharon Davidson

Lecture july 2 nd Blues- bent and flatten note denotes mood or - generaic blues lyric often of loose of love - st.lious blues o she os going to get man back shes down but not out o tons of sexual metaphors o political not just personal act o celebration of sexual act is political rebellion version back water blues (pg 3 txt) - defying the odds - communial sense of deprivation - uses her sense of slaveray as well as other holidays like - almost southern gothic like - column response pattern - authorizing the singer to speak in behalf of the collective community o singers, preachers, o in blues between vocalist and instrument - work songs brought over from west africa o a way of creating a collective consensious of the song gilscott herin (pg3/4) - rap owes huge debt to him early rap of 70s/80s - repetition around messagin is in the medium o commercial message that ur life will be better if u use there product - not a lot of black people on television - starts as spoken wor
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