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HUMA 1780
Tanja Juric

1946War just endedy Death camps Nazi set up y Psychology emotional desire to prevent things like death camps to occur again thats why it should be Universal Declaration of Human Rightsy An international bill too much therefore separated into two o Declaration y Even if dont agree with UDHRContent of UDHRy UDHR is three separate documents y Some are vaguey Article one freedom and equality nobody is less than anyone in any way brotherhoodshould see each other as family y Article two forbid discrimination dutybounding y Article three security of person person because there is real body functioning Use person and not human because human has no real functioning bodyo Right to recognition everywhere as a person before the lawnot seen simply as wife or servantseen as person themselves o The right to nationalityif you born there you cannot be denied that nationalityy Article 2227sets out economic social and cultural rights o Indicates that they are to be realized national effort and international cooperationnations that sign the UDHR are to do the best that they cano There rights are more lose because it realized the ability to uphold these rules and that each nation rules are different and that we cannot impose Canadian laws to other nations y Article 2830 recognize that everyone is entitled to o Article 29 democratic societ
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