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HUMA 1780
Carl Wolfe

Stories in Diverse Media (AP HUMA 1780B) – Wednesday November 7, 2012 Stereotypical Images and narratives help construct our reality  Things that make images of stereotypes, the face of crimes, the face of poverty, etc… We aspire to Beauty Ideals  There are a lot of creams, powders and etc… that try to make us into the beauty ideals, but they do not work because most of these photos are more photoshopped.  There are people that do not conform, but then the non-conformities become the “cool” thing to do. Art History: A coherent grand narrative  Origin of aesthetic values are from Classical Greek Art: rational, logical, universal  For whom is this story? Who benefits? Eurocentric used as standard to evaluate non-European art (and determine it as inferior) Christian ideas used to justify colonization and slavery  “Civilized” Christian white men as superior to the cursed “Sons of Ham”, the savages, and heathens. We want to look at how gender plays out in European art tradition Preliminary Considerations  High culture (Fine Art)  The concept of Beauty: is socially constructed (time, place)  Different perspectives: 1) Current traditional male art historians 2) current criticisms of this perspective 3) viewers/owners of paintings during historical period: the Male Gaze. ARCHAIC PERIOD: The first Ideal of Beauty in Western art is NOT Female, but the Nude Male  Aphrodite is always clothed in archaic art Classical Ideal of Beauty: relaxed pose; rational, coherent form Knidian Aphrodite 330BCE  First nude Aphrodite and origin of the Pudica gesture  Pudica pose (or modest pose) becomes most popular female nude gesture for centuries to come She is defined by her sexual organ/He: by graceful, rational coherence of his body The Pudica pose becomes most popular convention of art to depict nude females  The gesture implies shame
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