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Stories in Diverse Media (AP HUMA 1780B) – Wednesday November 14, 2012

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HUMA 1780
Carl Wolfe

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Stories in Diverse Media (AP HUMA 1780B) – Wednesday November 14, 2012 Gender Construction: in Contemporary Media; Stories that imagine Other Possibilities Homework on Animals: 1) Kafka “The Metamorphosis” in book The Penal Colony 2) Article on the Beast Within 3) Two fairy tales (online): Frog Prince; Little Red Riding Hood (Pay attention to how animals are used) Test is composed of: 1 point answer questions, 5 point answer questions, 10 point answer questions Gender in Commercial Media reinforce Stereotypes and transmit ideology How you should be to be gender normal  Men: Hard working good provider, successful, technical competence, bulk up, hearty appetites, dominate women sexually, drink beer  Women: Domestic roles (clean, cook, serve), sexually receptive, small appetites Gender representations in  In Popular Media 1) Men appear twice as often 2) Their roles are more diverse (age, appearance, occupation, character) Violence against Women is popular topic  In News Media: 1) Women anchors increase 2) Women interview (rarely) in news stories and represented ordinary citizens rather than authorities Under-represented groups (U.S.) Symbolic Annihilation  White men 30-50 most represented group in leadership roles  Under represented in terms of Age: Older men and women; Race and Ethnicity: Black men at home or in leadership roles; black women; Latinos, Asian American, First Nations Commercial in Other Countries  Turkey: Most represented group: Young women in domestic home  Japan: Most represented group: Young women as housewives Stories that challenge our Norms  Plato’s Symposium: Dialogue on the nature of Love and Beauty  Pederasty (older man loves and admires younger boy) was the cultural norm. Comic mythic creation story: three sexes: “doubled” male, female and hermaphrodite joined at back Zeus punishes them for their pride by cutting each in two. Then takes pity and moves sexual organ to front of each. Love is a
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