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Stories in Diverse Media (AP HUMA 1780B) – Wednesday October 3, 2012

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HUMA 1780
Carl Wolfe

Stories in Diverse Media (AP HUMA 1780B) – Wednesday October 3, 2012 Review: Winter Light & Kierkegaard 1. Marta: The aesthetic stage (corporeality & eros); ethical aspirations (marriage); despair melancholy; 2. Tomas: failure of ethics & loss of faith -> defiant despair, ethics can bring you some happiness, but you cannot reply on marriage and etc… 3. Jonas and Frovik: Meaningless suffering vs. faith -> defiance. Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900 Life - Lutheran background; - Brilliant university career - Highly gifted writer; - Ongoing sickliness; - Erotic fiasco; - Madness (1889) Audience - German-speaking intelligentsia -> west-European readership; - High value placed on classical culture (Rome and Athens); - Cultural Aristocracy (inclusion of middle classes); - Atheistic. Intellectual Context Modern disenchantment: 1. Galileo: Heliocentric theory; 2. Darwin: Evolution 3. The Enlightenment: Secular rationalism “God is dead!” - Obsolescence of religion in modern times; - Disappearance of all foundational myths: no transcendent(Example: Divine) reference point in ethics, science, or metaphysics; - Afterlife vanishes from human concerns -> exclusive focus on finitude (earthly life
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