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HUMA 1780
Carl Wolfe

Stories in Diverse Media (AP HUMA 1780B) – Wednesday September 19, 2012 Ingmar Bergman Three major themes 1. Personal identity; 2. Failures of Society; 3. Illusions in religion. Winter Light (1962) Part of a trilogy: Through a glass darkly (1961) & the silence (1963) Audience & Stereotypes 1. National -> Exclusion of non-Scandinavians; 2. Christian undertones and thematic -> possible alienation of non-Christians (atheists or not); 3. Existential quality -> Universality of message; 4. Gender: Mainly stereotypical representation of womanhood. Characters Thomas – Pastor, going through profound spiritual crisis, dead wife Marta – Single, school teacher, a woman that feels she cannot fulfil her family life, wants Thomas Jonas Persson & His wife – A couple from the village, Jonas has suicidal urgencies Algot Frovik – Church custodian, suffered a labour related accident, on the side helps Thomas organize service Eros (aesthetics) and marriage (ethics) Marta *intense awareness of corporeality -> self-disgust *life as ending predicament -> need for altruism *guiding principle: erotic love (+marriages)
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