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HUMA 1825 Note 11

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HUMA 1825
Neil Braganza

HUMA 1825 Note 11Judgment at Nuremberg Part 2 Feldenstein Case Prosecution o The case of a man accused of racial pollutionThis is the charge that is referred to says that any nonAryan that has sexual relations with an Aryan will be punished by deatho Feldenstein was accused of having sexual relations with a 16year old girl Irene Hoffman Wallner o Emil Hahn was the public prosecutor who questioned IreneHe took her into a separate room alone and told her that it was no use to repeat her story because no one would believe her They wanted to kill the violatoro If she protected Mr Feldenstein she would be arrested for perjury o Feldenstein took two days to find the verdict Mr Feldenstein was to be executed Wallner was sentenced to two years in prison for perjuryo The defendants judges rendered laws which rendered countless victims to death Defense it wasnt warranted to show the concentration camps were shown in the case against the judgeso What is the prosecution trying to prove o The truth is that the few extremists brought out the brutalities Very few Germans knew about the camps None of the judges and normal citizens knewo The most ironic part that the prosecution showed these films against the defendants Men in power who stayed in power to prevent horrific things from happening Ernst Janning had committed many acts in order to preserve the survival of nonAryans He pleaded special considerations He tried to preserve justice and the concept of justiceo Feldenstein came to see Wallner at her apartment often She would often kiss him at the door of her apartment The cleaning lady witnessed Wallner sitting on Feldensteins lap The prosecution claimed that this testimony was due to the cleaning lady having Nazi affiliations Hiroshima and Nagasaki show how Americans dont have any superior morality over the GermanJanning
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