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HUMA 1825
Neil Braganza

HUMA 1825 Note 22 Hotel Terminus - This was a biographical investigation of Klaus Barbie who was in charge of the Gestapo in Lyons, France o His interrogations took place at Hotel Terminus, a hotel that the Gestapo had requisitioned - After the end of WWII, Barbie managed to elude capture, fleeing first to Germany, and then to South America, where he helped the right-wing governments of Bolivia and Peru. - Barbie was born in Germany in 1914 and was a Nazi from the age of 19. - He was posted in Lyons, France in 1942 with a mission of ridding the city of its Jews and dismantling the Resistance Klaus Barbie - He was a war criminal: found the resistance leader of the French Revolution - Killed many Jewish children - He was narrow-minded and worshipped Hitler. - Barbie was a brutal man – a man who got results through ruthless means o He was sure that he was the greatest intelligence officer o He was never guilty of the acts he committed – in his mind all of his atrocities were justified. - Barbie was an educated man – he was greatly interested in his education even in the childhood. - In Udler, Klaus was seen as a decent farm-boy o He was considered to be a leader in all of the subjects – and he was good at all subjects. - Barbie was not the type that needed to engage in torture, he was a skillful and professional, and didn’t need to be cruel (or so people thought) o There are cases where it shows how he simply liked to inflict pain onto people – he got pleasure from their beatings. - Some people speculated that he became cruel after he achieved position in the Nazi Regime. o The risk of turning criminal was high while working in the Gestapo - Barbie and the German police arrested the revolutionary leaders in 1943 – the French feared Barbie as a ruthless man. o Barbie would beat men during questioning - The French also engaged in terrorist-like activity: they threatened prosecutors with death threats if they didn’t release those revolutionaries charged with participating in the revolution or grant them bail. - Jean Moulin was ambushed at a meeting house (Caluire meeting) with a bunch of other revolutionaries – when they arrived at the house there was a squad of Gestapo police who arrested them on the spot with machine guns - René Hardy (a revolutionary) was interrogated by Barbie o Hardy was jailed for 6 years for not providing Barbie with information. - Thomas Aubrey regardless of his position in the revolution would sell information to the Germans in exchange for food rations – Barbie used this information to identify Moulin - General Benevouille was a royalist – he sold out Rene Hardy to the Germans and it took him43 years to admit that he had done that - The Gestapo had psychological torture – they would beat the resistance members, and once they talked they would offer them rewards and use psychological warfare to make it seem as if the revolutionaries were at fault for the Gestapo’s beating them - Some Revolutionaries would try to make up stories or tell the Gestapo what the Germans already knew – that way preventing both betraying the Germans and having the Gestapo torture you. - Barbie did what thousands of Nazis did or would have had to do. - Barbie would torture young girls if that meant getting out information, even when they said nothing and cried out in pain. - Barbie was anti-Semitic – however he never had a direct hatred or reason for hating Jews. If he noticed that some
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