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York University
HUMA 1825
Shirley Katz

Lecture 2- Antigone st 1 Class writing assignment - Cover reading (Antigone) - Cover reading (Aristotle)- Justice/Nichomachien Ethics - Small question on Thomas Aquinas (LAW) 3 Writing Assignment (pg. 6,11) th - Monday November 28 - Wednesday November 30 th - Friday December 2 nd Three Cases (pg. 10) - Are the ones located on Rubric Online Tutorial Quiz, Due Next Week In Tutorial - All details are on pg.8 Antigone - Fundamental tension between male/female – young/old - All ideas in play - Fundamental treatment of the nature of justice -Play written over 2500 years ago When interpreting a law, always important to have a contextual interpretation of it (Context of Creon’s Power) What happens before the play begins? Then examine Creon’s Law? This law is in accordance with his principles. Look at procedural and substantive part of law While looking, will discuss a case in New York (right of burial) Look at reaction of people, Thebans to various people’s law What lies beneath Creon? Rule of law as a rule of reason or rule of man? Sophocles informs how justice might be achieved. What must someone do to achieve justice? The answer the chorus states is we must put together human law and divine law/weave together the human law and higher law. LAW IS JUSTICE! How did Creon get the throne? What is the back story? - The birth of edipyth - When he is born the parents are told the child will kill father and sleep with mother - They abandon baby, shepherd finds him and gives to king - He grows up thinking he’s not adopted - Oedipus learns that his fate is to kill father and sleep with mother, then leaves kiran - Oedipus meets a traveler and kills him - Oedipus is told if you solve this riddle, you can marry the widowed Queen (THAT IS HIS MOTHER) - He has four children with his mother - Man who kills father, king, Man who sleeps with own mother (Incest) - This HOUSE OF OEDIPUS IS CURSED - Takes his wife/mother’s hari pin and blinds him self (He realizes the sins he’s commited) - Oedipus left the kingdom to two sons, polynis decided he wanted the kingdom for himself - He then fought against his own people using others and as a result two brothers killed each other - Everthing is destroyed and now creon is next male in line - Uncle of the children is to come sit in the throne st - 1 thing he’s going to do is bring order MOTIVES 1. As the new man for the new day he wants to assert his authority, he says I now have all power 2. He wants to bring order into the disordered kingdom, situation where people were poorly dealt with. - He will now do things lawfully according to his principles - They are essential to understanding why he does what he does - Principles summed up in two words: “COUNTRY FIRST” and Everything King - What is important is king Creon not uncle Creon? Pg. 68 - Insure safety and security of subjects Pg. 67 (200-205) - The Gods of the City are important to him - Those words come to haunt him - They make sure he loses wife and son - Creon says, I don’t even exist, I am no one, nothing (204, same nothing) If I had t
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