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HUMA 1825
Shirley Katz

OUTLINER v Lavalle 1990 1 SCR 852January 16 2012Professor KatzJustice EngenderedDoes this case engender justiceSee again Minow at p 253 on Battered Woman Syndrome BWSBWS sought to challenge unstated societal norms that conceived of justifiable selfdefense by reference to mens experiencesYet by deploying psychological expertise to challenge these norms the lawyers and their clients confronted another set of societal norms denigrating women with mental instabilitiesWomen have traditionally been branded with the label of mental instability and the battered womens syndrome stimulated this latent image1Some preliminary remarks on the Supreme Court of Canada SCC Citation of a SCC case Place of the SCC in the Canadian court system a fourtier pyramidal structure function history Supreme Court Act 1875Composition of the SCC9 justices from the geographical regions of CanadaChief Justice of Canada Beverley McLachlinTHE COURT3 must be from Quebec Marie Deschamps Louis LeBel Morris Fish JJtraditionally 3 from Ontario Rosalie Abella Michael Moldaver Andromache Karakatsanis JJ Moldaver and Karakatsanis JJ appointed in October 20112 from the West Beverley McLachlin CJC Marshall Rothstein J 1 from the Maritimes Thomas Cromwell J appointed December 2008 How cases come to the SCC three sources i provincial courts of appeals with leave to appeal ii appeals as of right iii references1
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