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HUMA 1825
Shirley Katz

OUTLINE OVERVIEWREVIEW and READING THREE CASESOctober 19 2011Professor KatzINTRODUCTIONClass Writing Assignment 2in tutorials October 31 November 2 4Readings for today pp 77124 inclusive in the course kit cases case briefs vocabulary lists discussion questions amendments to the US Constitution article from the NY Review of Books on the Dronenburg caseOVERVIEW AND REVIEWIn Part 1 of our course in the first thematic approach to the issue of law and morality we are concerned with the following questionsWhat is the nature or essence of law and how is law connected to moralityWhat criteria must be satisfied for a valid law to existPut another way what determines legal validityWhat criteria must be satisfied for a legal system to existLAW AS JUSTICEa Classical theory of ARISTOTLEVirtue ethics and two definitions of justice justice as lawfulness complete justice and justice as fairness or equality partial justice Justice as lawfulness complete justiceFor matters defined by the legislative art are lawful and each of these we declare to be justThe laws pronounce on all things in their aiming at the common advantage either for all persons or for the best or for those who have authority either in accord with virtue or in some other way As a result we say that those 1
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