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HUMA 1825
Shirley Katz

Law and MoralityOctober 18 2011Aristotle on JusticeFor the in class essay How Aquinas related to the furies and other stories we have readMnemonic deviceAristotelesTelos Aristotle addresses the problem of the question of social justice and justice distribution with the distribution of goods The sticker lady the shaky lady and the fake cancer patientall of these show and prove that Aristotles view of injusticegetting more of the goodThe problem of justice in the Antigone1All decent people desire justice2All decent people agree21That the dead should be treated with respect22That the law should be obeyedTreatment of the deadICreons position lines 468470IIAntigones position lines 474476Creon and Antigone share1An idealistic fundamentalist view of justice DikeJustice was a god in Greek Mythology2A heroic notion of virtue winning is the measure of the manor the woman3Tragic trajectory and unhappy telosthe end or purpose of thingsThere are aspect of Creon and Antigone that we like and support and vice versawe dont have Athena come down and tell us so we use what Aristotle saysSocrates question 1How should I live2Three responses21Argument from authoritysomebody told me how i should live22Socrates enquiry approachAristotle takes this approach by trying to answer this question through philosophy23The sophistic responserelativist response3 Plato 429347 BC and Aristotle 338322 BC
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